Rhode Island Homes and the History of Boilers

Rhode Island Homes and the History of Boilers

Boilers have become the mainstream heating system for any home in town, which has lasted over a century. In the 1900s, coal started to see the end of its run in home heating. The rise of oil and gas-powered heat began in Johnston, RI, first. Since a good boiler can last for many years, there has not been much competition to invent something better yet.

Early Boiler Systems in Rhode Island Homes

If you ever messed with a coal-fired boiler system and its manual stoking, you know why it's not used anymore. This was not a clean-burning fuel back in the day and required strict ventilation so no one would get sick. The introduction of Rhode Island homes with natural gas fired boilers was life changing for most.

Transition to Oil and Gas Boilers

In the mid-20th century, Rhode Island homes began transitioning away from coal-fired boilers and towards oil and gas boilers. Oil boilers became popular due to their efficiency and ease of use, while gas boilers were favored for their lower operating costs. Many Rhode Island homes still use oil or gas boilers today.

Benefits of Boilers in Rhode Island Homes

Using pipes instead of forced-air systems can preserve your lost heating ratio and result in high-efficiency energy use. Having a lower energy bill and staying warmer in the process is the most you could ask from your boiler system. Radiators and baseboard heaters tend to run cheaper than forced-air vents.

Boiler Types Available in Rhode Island

Pick and choose from top-of-the line boilers that require natural gas, propane, or oil to generate your heat and/or hot water. While propane is the cleanest burn, oil can be more affordable to a conservative home owner. A great way to find out what type of boiler you have in your Rhode Island home is with this guide: https://kwikplumbingri.com/service/boilers/

Maintaining Your Boiler

Maintenance is your best friend when it comes to any boiler you may have. Even the cleanest fuel leaves stuff behind when it's burned. This and other things, including electronic parts, need to be serviced so your boiler lasts 10+ years and doesn't fall apart early. So, for over a century, Rhode Island homes have made the switch out of coal and into modern fuel systems. As a homeowner, you should consider doing the same if you happen to have this outdated heating style.

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